Project Management & Engineering


Project Management

Some of the Project Management services we provide include:

  • Turn-key approach to systems development: engineering, installation, acceptance testing and performance tracking
  • Budget and Resource Management
  • Civil work
  • Project scheduling and equipment delivery coordination
  • Scheduling, testing and acceptance of projects
  • Tower inspection and related components for integrity
  • Ensure compliance of specifications and safety by other contractors
  • Daily customer project information updates
  • Photographs/videos of completed portions of projects
  • Reporting and documentation of budgetary problems
  • Use of project tracking tools and milestone completion timelines for large scale projects
  • Reporting and documentation of non-compliance and safety issues
  • Scheduled site maintenance
  • Complete confidentiality to customer and liaison between contractors
  • Immediate disaster recovery response


Some of the Engineering Services we provide include:

  • Path design:
    • Antenna centerline determination
    • Reflection analysis
    • Multipath studies
    • fade margin, receive signal level, reliability
  • Path verification (flashing)
  • Interference analysis
  • Multi-line 1XN design
  • Tower requirements: height and type lattice, monopole
  • Antenna selection
  • Passive reflector design and placement
  • Passive reflector analysis
  • Transmission line sweeps
  • Diversity requirements (space, frequency, hybrid)
  • Short haul and long haul radio design parameters
  • Radio performance monitoring systems
  • Alarm determination
  • Dehydrator needs
  • Radio and path troubleshooting
  • DC power systems