Astro Systems Corp. Recognition


“These trust sites were critical… we got them up and running and you guys are a HUGE Part of this. Thanks for supporting us. You guys do amazing work.”

–  Transport Engineering Manager, Verizon Wireless, Ohio Project

“Ed: Just wanted you to know that <Astro> did an excellent job on both Eagle Crest and Prospect Hill. The attention to detail they displayed is something we do not see in your competitors.”

–  Project Consultant, Polk County, Oregon Project

“Thought this was definitely worth passing along–kudos to Astro!”

–  Project Manager, Alcatel, Oregon Project

Just wanted to drop you a note to say what a great job Astro did for us in the field with the Umatilla project. They were very efficient, got the job done correctly, and the installation looks great. We’d be happy to have them do more work for us in the future. They are a good reflection on Alcatel.”

– Project Engineer, State Police, Oregon Project

“<Ed> You have a good and safe crew. Enjoyed working with them. “

–  Safety Watcher, Oregon Project

“I appreciate the work you and your team provided us; you made Astro and Alcatel look extremely good! Thank you–let’s do this again real soon!!”

–  Project Manager, Alcatel, California Project


“Please pass along to the Astro group my thanks for the clean up work they performed at Myrtle Creek and Canyonville microwave installs. The new flex waveguide looks very nice and will be very easy to service in the future if need be. The improvements to the ground buss from the rigid waveguide at the entry port are exactly what we requested.I appreciate the effort they put into the repeated trips to the sites to make this happen…thanks!”

– Project Engineer, VerizonWireless

“Great job!!! All of this work being finally performed has been long overdue…Thank you for all you are doing to make our network strong and reliable.”

-Technician, Verizon Wireless Project in Oregon

“<Jake>, This is a fine example of why these guys are my 1st choice. ALL done, installations identical to that of last years’, junk gone, history! Almost makes me think life is too perfect! Thanks Astro, great job.”

–  Operations Manager, Verizon Wireless, Ohio Project


“I highly recommend the microwave link work of Astro Systems Corp., based on roughly a decade of experience…In all cases, Astro has delivered superior work…Astro’s attention to detail and successful project completion has minimized service interruptions, has improved reliability, and has otherwise resulted in successful projects.”

– Senior Engineer, PacifiCorp
Projects in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming


“Thanks for a great week Jim. The Tower at Marion went very smooth and safe. Your teamwork, scheduling and communication was a vital part of the success of the installation.”

– Project Manager, Bonneville Power, Washingon, Oregon Project

“<We> have been a client of Astro Systems Corp.’s for 10 years. I personally have had the pleasure of working with Astro for over eight years and am impressed by their dedication to detail, integrity and sincerity. When AT & T Wireless charges Astro with a job to do, we expect and receive the best of the best. Astro performs duties responsibly and on time. They go the extra mile to make sure that equipment is installed correctly, and tests and performs to specifications. When troubleshooting microwave or mobile radio anomalies, they stay with and repair the problem until it is solved. I have and will continue to place my complete trust in Astro’s workmanship.”

– Senior RF Design Engineer, AT & T
Projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada

“Please include Astro Systems on your bidding list for microwave projects in Oregon and Southern Washington. They are the best company we have for microwave projects. They definitely do the best work.”

– Construction Engineer, Verizon Wireless

“By the way, Astro did an excellent job rebuilding the Nicolai Mountain installation. I would highly recommend them for any future jobs. We’ve added them to our preferred contractor list.”

– Project Engineer, ADCOMM Engineering Company

“In the course of the last 10 years, I have had many opportunities to work with Astro Systems Corp. as a VHF, MAS and microwave radio installation contractor. They have proven themselves responsible for handling all facets of these projects, including towers, antennas, buildings, power, infrastructure and radios. My experience has been that the employees of Astro consistently provide us with excellent customer service and suburb workmanship. Their installations have become the standard by which our other contractors are judged. Whether it is a scheduled project or an emergency installation, they do not take shortcuts. Astro is also very conscientious in adhering to all of our procurement, safety and installation requirements…When field engineering is required, the experience of the Astro staff has proven itself invaluable in providing us with optional solutions. Consistently giving us quality workmanship and desired  results at a fair price, I would highly recommend them for any radio installation projects.”

– Senior Telecommunications Engineer, PacifiCorp
Projects in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming


“Just wanted to make note of the fantastic response I received…to upgrade the telco facilities on very short notice at Mt. Nebo, and the technical assistance from Astro Systems at Mt. Nebo and Winston…I could not have completed the microwave span work this week without their same day and next day responsiveness and deployment for these issues. It’s a pleasure to have these fine people to work with on these projects…”

– Project Engineer, Verizon Wireless

“I wanted you to know that your tower crew did an excellent job on the Benton County project. As with most installs, there are always a few challenges. Todd and his crew had a ‘can do’ attitude that allowed us to overcome each challenge. I look forward to working with Astro Systems in the future.”

– Project Engineer, ADCOMM Engineering

“In short, Doug did a great job on the MW installation…Doug was good to work with, and we were impressed with the final product. The waveguide installation was clean and matched our spec, grounding was clean and matched spec, antenna installation matched spec, site cleanup looks great (removed towers, painted building, shored up foundation), the generator installation and ducting looks clean, the generator runs soothly and was mounted in an optimal position to not rattle the building, the battery installation looks good, the AC breaker panel installation matches spec. All in all, very good and I’d be happy to have Doug work on any future projects of mine.”

– Project Engineer, Bonneville Power

“Thanks for the help. Astro truly does have some pretty incredible employees.”

– Supplier’s Rep